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1. Ronu Na

2. Shalom Aleichem

3. Y'susum

4. Durme

5. A Nign

6. Borei Ad Ana

7.   Mi Zeh Y'mallel

8.   Par'o Era Estrellero

9.   Drei Dreidele

10. Chevelei Mashiach

11. Lechem Ha-ohavim

12. Kol Han'shamah

“I am firmly convinced that the surest way to understand a people is to listen to its folk music. It was with the intention to give voice to the heart of the Jewish people that Same Earth Same Sky was born.

The songs are a window – look through it and you will find our deepest longings and our highest aspirations mixed with a large measure of determination.”

Eleanor Epstein



Beautiful notecards designed by

Zemer Chai's own Sarah Fishman.

Psalm 98:8 shown in English, Hebrew, Yiddish, Ladino, Amharic, Creole, Hindi, Hungarian and Russian.

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