Meet the Singers

Arriving to perform at the White House Hanukkah party

 “I would be at a loss if I had to mention a choir that sings with more devotion than Zemer Chai or a choir with a more intense and deep connection between its singers and its conductor.”  

                                                                                                            Stanley Sperber

Director, Jerusalem Academy Chamber Choir


We are doctors, nurses, lawyers, public and private sector employees, realtors, librarians, yoga instructors, Rabbis, Cantors, entrepreneurs, landscape architects, scientists, teachers, authors, graphic designers and therapists.  Our Jewish backgrounds reflect the American experience — ranging from highly observant to highly assimilated.  We hail from New York, Sri Lanka, Minnesota, New Jersey, Hungary, Illinois, California, Ukraine, Massachusetts, Pennsylvania, Ohio and even a few from DC/MD/VA!


Emily Boling

Leah Chiaverini  

Joy Gold

Eileen Kugler

Judy Meschel

Vera Ramaty

Jen Rolnick

Jane Rosenthal  

Beverly Rudman  

Leesa Shem-Tov  

Erika Schon

Cheryl Troy



Ella Akkerman

Karen Berman

Carla Ellern

Sarah Fishman

Jeanne Glazer

Maran Gluckstein


Rosalind Gold

Rae Grad

Lisa Itkin

Tina Levin

Rochelle Rosenfeld

Deb Shalom



Daniel Eisenberg

Stuart Gibson  Barry Krasner   Jim Perlmutter  Elwin Redfern

Joan Wolf

Jacob Yeston


Manny Helzner  

Buzz Karpay 

Scott Mezistrano

Andy Swire    

Alan Weitz  

Josh Zimmerberg

Our Leadership

Joan Wolf

Rosalind Gold

Barry Krasner

Jacob Yeston

Rae Grad

Buzz Karpay

Maran Gluckstein

Lisa Itkin




Recording Secretary



Choir Administrator

Assistant to the Conductor

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